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Amanda Yi

Amanda Yi


Whizdom Role - Amanda joined Whizdom in February 2018 to assist in the finance and administration functions of the business. She acts as a liaison between contractors, payroll companies and clients regarding any payment or invoicing issues. Also, she helps to manage Whizdom’s payroll service for contractors, staff payroll, taxation and end of month reconciliation. 

Experience - Amanda was awarded a master’s degree in Accounting from ANU in December 2016. After that, she worked as a tax consultant in the private sector and was an assistant accountant in an accounting practice in Canberra.

Why Whizdom

For Amanda, the best thing about Whizdom is that it offers the flexibility of balancing work and life. John and Natalie helped her to overcome different challenges. Amanda is confident that the finance team will take every effort to offer more valuable services to support and strengthen the business base.

Amanda has been with Whizdom for over three years now and have such fond and happy memories. She enjoys the crazy and funny nights with the whole team. Since joining Whizdom, she got engaged and married, and now she is expecting her first baby (unbelievable!).

Social and Wellbeing - When she’s not in the office, Amanda loves to search for various recipes and cook fresh food. Also, she has a lovely cat ‘Cream’, playing with her is the first thing to do when she arrives home.

Amanda Yi