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Damien Mackerras

Damien Mackerras

Recruitment Consultant (ACT)

Whizdom Role – Joining Whizdom in 2021 as a Candidate Manager, Damien is keen to throw himself into the deep end and assist clients and candidates in any way he can. While learning the ropes, Damien is assisting in the recruitment needs of Defence, Intel and Space.


Experience – Before joining Whizdom, Damien came from a diverse background in Retail and Hospitality. Bringing along his management experience and customer service skills, Damien knows what makes a great candidate.


Why Whizdom – After an extensive career in customer service, Damien has been craving a challenge, something that will push him out of his comfort zone and propel him forward into a new and exciting career. Whizdom answered that call like the Rohirrim answered Gondor and the rest is history.


Social and Wellbeing – When not in the office, Damien can be found hunched over his hobby desk meticulously assembling and painting his Warhammer collection, reading comics or playing video games. Damien also enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

Damien Mackerras