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Deanne O'Hanlon

Deanne O'Hanlon

Trainee Recruiter (ACT)

Whizdom Role:  Dea has commenced a Recruitment Consultant Traineeship with Whizdom in early 2022. Once qualified, she will obtain a certificate III in Business Administration and have a 360 understanding of recruiting.


Experience: For over 15 years, Dea has been running a successful Family Day Care business from her home while raising her two children. She loves meeting new people and supporting and encouraging them to succeed.


Why Whizdom: While choosing families for her Family Day Care business which were in line with her business philosophy, Dea was confident she needed to find an organisation which met those same high standards, was open with communication, family friendly and a fun environment to work in.


Social and Wellbeing: In her free time, Dea loves trips to the coast or country, mediation, hiking and most importantly, laughing.

Deanne O'Hanlon