Kowhai Kerewaro

Kowhai Kerewaro

Candidate Manager

Whizdom Role

Kowhai (pronounced Koor-fai) will be assisting Nicole and Kate in the Defence/Intel team and is keen to learn everything about the end to end recruitment process that Whizdom provides.


Prior to working for Whizdom, Kowhai developed great customer service skills and enjoyed working with a vast array of people whilst working in the hospitality industry and customer service roles.  

Why Whizdom 

While looking for a change of career and pace, Kowhai reached out to Whizdom for a potential contracting role and inadvertently fell into a role with Whizdom instead. Excited to join the team she grabbed the opportunity. Kowhai was most attracted to Whizdom’s collaborative and supportive culture!

Social and Wellbeing

Away from the office, Kowhai enjoys keeping fit and being outdoors. Kowhai is also a big foodie and loves to cook, her signature dish is Mussel chowder