Nicole McCann

Nicole McCann

Recruitment Consultant

Whizdom Role - Nicole has been engaged with Whizdom since 2008. In that time Nicole has managed the contractor engagement process and has liaised with clients to gain a good understanding of their resourcing requirements. Nicole is responsible for managing the end to end recruitment process for the Department of Defence. Nicole has the capability to source suitable candidates for her clients nationally. Nicole won the award for the APSCo (formerly ITCRA) Certified Professional of the Year for 2013. Nicole is a certified APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional.

Experience - Before working with Whizdom, Nicole was an Assistant Manager in the Trade Services Department for a Merchant Bank in Sydney.

Why Whizdom -  I started off as John’s only offsider in Whizdom learning the ropes in IT recruitment. I enjoyed the work from home opportunity, which allowed me to still look after my small children while working remotely. This meant I didn’t miss out on any of those important milestones and didn’t have to pay for childcare! I really enjoyed the work/life balance it provides, and it has been great to meet so many lovely people along the way.

Social and Wellbeing - When not meeting candidates for coffees, Nicole can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm for her family or catching some live music around town.