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Peter Warby

Peter Warby

Trainee Recruiter (ACT)

Whizdom Role – Peter joined Whizdom in early 2022 as a trainee consultant. The traineeship he is currently undertaking allows his to complete a CERT III in Business Admin while gaining insight from the experienced recruiters at Whizdom.


Experience – Peter has over a half a decade in hospitality working in various pubs and clubs, more recently he has taken his passion for customer service to recruitment. 


Why Whizdom – Peter was attracted to Whizdom because it places emphasis on family and teamwork. Peter felt a warm welcomed to the team and is looking forward to a rewarding future at Whizdom.


Social and Wellbeing – Peter enjoys a health lifestyle with exercising and healthy eating a must. He also spends his time indulging his passions like art and music. One of his favourite things to do is to listen jazz with a big cup of green tea. 

Peter Warby