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About Us

About Us

Established in Canberra in 2006, Whizdom started as a specialist ICT recruitment firm providing contractors and permanent placements to government and private clients nationally. The word Whizdom came about by being primarily focused on assisting computer whizzers into work and careers, and secondly a play on the word wisdom which reflects our strong commitment to our candidates and clients in providing reliable, independent advice.

We pride ourselves on educating Contractors and workers in best practice, compliance and advancement in their careers while providing our clients with valuable insights into labour markets and staffing trends to assist them in planning resources for current and future objectives. Today we are far more than a Technology provider, we have expanded into other professional staffing markets and want to be at the forefront of emerging skills. 

We promote a family first culture and provide flexible working conditions for our employees through our work from anywhere policy. We ensure all our workers are valued and supported through their engagements by providing a dedicated Candidate Care Manager to help support Account Managers. 

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Vision (Where we want to be)

At Whizdom we work as a collective to achieve the best outcomes for our Candidates, Clients and promote a family first culture that is supported by our work from anywhere policy for our employees. Recruitment is about ensuring the success of others and building long-lasting relationships, by putting people before profits. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our Employees, Clients and Candidates are always valued, promoting the integrity and values of a strong Recruitment Industry. We work tirelessly to improve and expand Whizdom nationally as a recognised and trusted brand for quality and integrity.


Mission (How we're going to get there)

  • Clients

    Develop a strong understanding of our client's business, listen and understand what our clients needs and pain points are and ensure we supply the high calibre candidates required to deliver their business outcomes.

  • Candidates

    Ensure we build long lasting relationships with our candidates, so they know we are a partner in their career management. Provide independent advice to structure their working engagements ensuring they have a save and secure work environment and maintain a healthy work life and family balance.

  • Employees

    Create a preferred place of employment for our staff that not only provides a rewarding career and work life balance, but a place that promotes a strong family culture based on collaboration, not competition.

  • Company

    Create an organisation that is valued by its Clients, Candidates and Employees, exceeds their expectations and continues to listen, improve and develops into a strong, trusted and recognised brand nationally.

Values (How we feel)

Personal and Excellence

We work within our strengths and strive to continually improve.


We do not compromise our values to win business, we stay true to our core values; openess, honesty and maintaining strong moral principles


We are passionate about our business, candidates and clients showing enthusiasm, energy and purpose to ensure best outcomes.


We treat our cilents, candidates and each other with mutual respect and sensitivity, embracing individual diversity and treating people how we would like to be treated

Working At Whizdom

Whizdom is a family owned company that values its employees and what is important to them. We provide a flexible work environment and have a family first policy. Our staff don't miss those important moments as they are able to fit work around their personal commitments.

We have invested in the best tech for our employees to provide them with the freedom to be engaged wherever they are. We differentiate from other recruiters that impose unrealistic targets on employees; we promote a collaborate and not competitive culture.

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