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Government Panels

Federal Government Panels
DepartmentPanelAustender ID
 Australian Federal Police Capability Support Services Panel (Professional Services Labour Hire) SON3538332
 Australian Taxation Office  Contingent Labour Hire (IT and General) Panel SON3553649
 Department of Defence Technical Support Services (TSS) SON3383790
 Department of Defence Defence Support Services Panel (DSS) SON3485107
 Department of Defence Information and Communications Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA) SON3520191
 Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Digital Marketplace Panel  SON3413842
 Australia Council for the Arts Multi Use List (MUL) N/A

State Government Panels
StatePanelPanel ID
 New South Wales

  Contingent Workforce

 Australian Capital Territory  Contingent Workforce SCM0007
 Queensland  Temporary and Contracted Workers GGS0060