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Contractor Care

Contractor Care Program 

At Whizdom, you are more than just a contractor or an employee; you are an integral part of our team. We focus on developing and maintaining strong connections with our staff and contractor community. When you feel valued and appreciated, you're able to perform at your best. Our goal is to provide you with a positive and supportive workplace so that you can advance in your career and feel more fulfilled in your work.

As a member of the Whizdom staff community, you can expect us to deliver first-rate care and support. We make every effort to keep the lines of communication open and provide you with the materials you need to do your job. We want to do everything we can to help you be successful.


Whizdom supports a healthy work-life balance. As a result, the Whizdom Contractor Care has garnered many APSCo Award nominations. In 2019, the Whizdom Contractor Care program was a finalist for Health and Wellbeing and in 2020, it was a finalist for Best Approach to Health and Wellbeing and Best Candidate Experience.

Whizdom Contractors enjoy a comprehensive benefits package
Whizdom prioritises contractor safety and wellbeing with WHS

The Important Topics

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

At Whizdom, we make the health and safety of our contractors our top priority in the workplace. We're committed to keeping our contractors informed of best practices to promote workplace health and safety.

In the event of any workplace health and safety incidents, we have a WHS Incident Report Register in place to monitor and address any issues.

Click hereto make a report on Whizdom's WHS Incident Report Register.

As a responsible employer, we have a duty of care and statutory responsibilities to ensure the safety of our contractors and employees in the workplace. Our aim is to prevent and minimise work-related injuries or illnesses, encourage healthy lifestyles, and provide the safest possible work environment for our contractors.

Employee Assistance Program through Mind Fit at Work

Contractors and staff at Whizdom have ongoing access to a employee assistance program through Mind Fit at Work. This program connects employees and contractors with a nationwide network of licenced mental health professionals who can provide brief, one-on-one counselling sessions on a wide range of issues, including those that may arise in the workplace. In addition to helping with professional challenges, they can also support with more personal matters. This service is confidential and optional for all staff.

To access your EAP services, please email our executive team via; include your full name, with a request for MindFit at Work services information.  Please note this email is only accessible by our highest level of management and kept confidential.

Refer a Friend and Receive $295

A referral is the highest form of compliment in the business world. If you know of somebody who could be a good fit for one of our positions, please send their:

full name, email address, phone number, preferred work area, state/territory and CV to

If you recommend someone we hire, you will receive a $295 Visa gift card, redeemable at any retailer that accepts Visa, as a token of our appreciation.

Contractor Benefits

defence bank

We're excited to announce that Whizdom has teamed up exclusively with Defence Bank, one of the biggest member-owned banks in Australia. This partnership means that you now have access to a variety of exclusive offers that could save you both time and money.

As a Whizdom employee or contractor, you're entitled to a range of benefits. To find out more about these benefits or to submit a query or request for contact, simply visit the Defence Bank Whizdom Portal.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Relationship Director for Defence Industry Partners at Defence Bank, Michelle De Palma

Contact details:

Mobile: 0457 209 554


navy health

We're proud to announce that Whizdom has partnered exclusively with Navy Health, a leading private health insurance provider in Australia.

Navy Health was established in 1955 to provide affordable health insurance to members of the Australian Defence Force and their families. Today, they offer health insurance to everyone, not just members of the ADF, and are a not-for-profit fund that reinvests profits to benefit members. They provide a range of health insurance policies, as well as access to health and wellness programs to support member health.

As a Whizdom employee or contractor, you're entitled to a range of benefits through our exclusive partnership with Navy Health.

To learn more about these benefits or to submit a query, please reach out to our Corporate Relationship Partner at Navy Health, Katrena Fisher

Contact details:

Mobile: 0482 829 100

Contractor Training Opportunities

Whizdom are partnering with the best in the business to bring you flexible training sessions after hours so you can avoid time management and cashflow impacts of traditional training delivery. All training is performed onsite at Whizdom’s office in Bruce, ACT. Current available training: PRINCE2 Foundation & ITIL 4 Plus simulation.  

Wellbeing Check-In 

The whole Whizdom team care about the well-being of our contractors.  Together, we make a point of checking-in; catching up in a relaxed environment; seeing how the engagement is going; assisting with work-life balance; and looking for early indicators of stress contributors.  

Social Engagements

Social networking events such as the famous ‘Whizdom Pizza in the Park’, Barefoot Bowls, Lunch, Brunch, and Morning Tea events, give our contractors the opportunity to become part of the Whizdom Contractor community.  We get together in a social setting and build on the Whizdom team spirit – adhering to COVID safe rules of course! 

End of Contract Feedback opportunities

Whizdom recognise that contractors coming to the end of their engagement can provide valuable perspectives on their overall interactions with Whizdom and their clients.  End of contract surveys are completed to capture this vital information if contractors are happy to participate. 


If you have not yet received your bag of Whizdom goodies, please get in touch and we will organise delivery as soon as possible.

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