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Is the recruitment industry being replaced by AI?

Posted on 26th April 2024 by John McCluskey

Is The Recruitment Industry Being Replaced By Ai

​Well, the good news is it is highly unlikely.

But AI and automation will play a pivotal role in empowering our work, roles, and lives. This is moving at an intrudingly fast pace and is just in its infancy stages.

I was fortunate enough to attend the LinkedIn Talent Connect in February and found it extremely enlightening, frightening and sometimes comforting with the data and presentations. AI will be the biggest shift in the way current work is done and is expected to impact 65% of skills by 2030. Incredibly, 25% of most current roles could, over the short to medium term, be done by AI with a focus on the repetitive and process aspects of roles. Does this mean that 25% of our workforce will be reduced or more likely change focus on the more human parts of business that require empathy?

Jobs post the depression were heavily reliant on “muscle”, then we seemed to move into more “brains”, and now with AI and the huge access it has to data, their appears to be greater focus on heart and empathy. This is the good news as AI won't, be able to replace the human side of roles.

It was interesting from the LinkedIn conference that the number one skill required for most new roles is: communication and people skills. What is clear, most roles will be impacted and hopefully in a positive way for us to focus on the communication, relationships and human sides of our businesses which has largely been impacted and neglected during the COVID years. This also creates the opportunity for new industry and roles with skills in AI and machine learning. Demand will be greater than supply for many years as we train this workforce of the future.

PS. Just for info this article was written by a human and not ChatGPT...