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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

At Whizdom, we take great care to ensure that each project receives the best possible resources and management. Once we receive a work request from a client, the Whizdom engagement team works to coordinate the right team, best equipped to respond to our clients’ specific needs. We draw from many different professionals; Whizdom employees, consultants, trusted subject matter experts (SMEs), and contractors, all managed and directed by our team. Whizdom's long-standing commitment to flexible work arrangements supports remote work and cooperation by encouraging team members to communicate on a regular basis, ensuring team members work together towards achieving goals, while providing high-quality client service.

​Whizdom maintains one of the largest pools of highly skilled experts with security clearance levels ranging from Baseline to TSPV. Whizdom staff are trained and well equipped to handle large-scale government projects while adhering to high security standards. We recognise the importance of safeguarding sensitive information. The team at Whizdom utilise multiple project management approaches such as the Prince Project Management framework (Prince II), service delivery methodology (ITIL), Agile, and Waterfall to ensure compliance with the client's requirements.

Whizdom’s flexible approach, quick payment terms and delivery reputation make it an attractive option for SMEs to support larger engagements that are usually beyond their native capability. The well-developed processes and pre-vetting of potential partners make it easier for clients to access the best and most innovative skills, with lower overheads and higher quality. Additionally, all our SME’s and Partners must adhere to the Whizdom Code of Conduct and are pre-vetted against specific criteria to ensure they add value and are appropriately compliant with insurances and legislation. 

Providing reliable and consistent services to our clients, no matter the size or complexity of the project, is important at Whizdom. Which is why we resource each project independently, so that our resources are not spread too thin or reprioritised. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our successful track record since 2006, serving government, Defence, and corporate clients. Over the years, we have successfully delivered services to Federal Government clients via panel arrangements which can be verified through searching for Whizdom on Austender.


To ensure that we provide the great quality work and that our review procedures are effective, we work with consultants who have obtained their Prince II and ITIL certifications. These consultants are committed to offering our clients the best quality services so that we can continue to maintain our reputation for excellence.

As a result of this commitment to delivering a "method for continuous improvement," Whizdom has become well-known as an effective and reliable service provider.