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John McCluskey - Whizdom Managing Director & Founder

The culture here at Whizdom involves everyone working together to achieve common goals in a collaborative and not a compete culture, while maintaining a good work life balance


Natalie Angus - Whizdom Operation Manager

I feel very lucky to work for a Canberra-based company that allows me the freedom to work from my home in Goulburn. By being connected with colleagues and clients through video chats and instant messaging, I'm able to get right into the problem-solving and spur-of the-moment collaborative parts of the job with everyone while still enjoying a relatively small-town country setting. It’s a great work-life balance


Richard Courir - Whizdom Business Development

Having worked for multi-nationals for most of my career, when the opportunity was presented to work for a Canberra-based company, with a culture where everyone works together in a non-competitive environment, as well as a great and flexible work/life balance, I was delighted to join the team and share my experiences with their successful model


Kelly Shockley - Whizdom Account Manager

Whizdom provides me with the perfect work/life balance. Having the opportunity to work remotely and from home allows me to never miss an important event for my children/family and I get to work with an awesome group of people


Lauren Fitzsimons

Whizdom has been the best recruitment company I have been engaged with. James was always amazing and made me feel like I was valued. Great communication, attention to detail and openness. I would like to be reengaged with you again hopefully soon. I have recommended you all to anyone and everyone that asks for a recruitment company. Thank you everything you have all done for me and the support offered. 


Glenn Stevenson

From day one, The Whizdom team has made me feel welcome and a valued member of the team. They are always quick and happy to respond to any questions I ask. The fact that John has implemented a contract care manager to support his workers shows that Whizdom is different from other companies. Thanks, Whizdom



Brad Imberger

Whizdom has provided consistent, professional services to myself and many colleagues in Canberra. James ensures a personalized approach and is genuinely passionate about placing the right candidate in the right position. I have personally witnessed the growth of Whizdom over the last 4-5 years which is a result of their dedication to their client base. I look forward to future opportunities with Whizdom and more coffee with James and Haylee.



Whizdom provides an excellent recruitment service. Their staff understand the Canberra market, and are always willing to help both newbies and experienced contractors. Would not hesitate to recommend the Whizdom team to anyone looking for either the next contract, or a career change.



I have been with Whizdom for the past 3 and a half years. The team at Whizdom are highly professional, efficient and very supportive; they ensure I feel like I am a valued member of the company. The team keep you updated on when your contract is ending and work hard to make sure your new contract is a smooth transition.


Jim Mewburn

Whizdom staff consistently go the extra yards to place and support contractors along with having the most timely and efficient management of invoicing I have encountered. No hesitation in recommending Whizdom to both contractors and businesses


Greg Rann

Whizdom really are great to work with and I have always appreciated the transparency with finance and contracts.  I have not always had the same experience so it’s good to finally see a company looking out for contractors and being open and honest.


Andrew Noble

Open, honest, transparent business practice is so important, that’s why Whizdom has such a great reputation in the industry. It is so refreshing to see that a company can still be competitive and run so ethically. The payment system Whizdom have is fantastic and provides that extra layer of security which is a massive bonus.  Thanks, Whizdom!



Brianna Davies

I always found everything so very easy and I felt well supported through my entire engagement.  I would recommend Whizdom to anyone in my professional network.


Michael Schubert

Whizdom have been absolutely fantastic, providing us with highly skilled and driven resources. The team have been flexible and quick to respond to unusual staffing requests and have an exceptional take on follow up management care. I often recommend Whizdom to people either looking for work or business leaders looking for help with resourcing.