Whizdom Clients and Contractors provide positive testimonials
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Stephen - Systems Administrator

Whizdom has a good reputation for a reason. Everyone I've dealt with have been great. Keep up the good work!


Shaun - Engineer

Extremely satisfied with Whizdom.


Ken - Architect

Always ready to help ...


Fiona - SAP Lead

I've only been with Whizdom for a couple of months but it has been like a breath of fresh air, I'm treated like an individual - not just a number!


Rob - Architect

Appreciate your level of engagement - I haven’t had that before.


Jeremy - Project Manager

Great company to work for, care about the relationship with contractors.


Ram - Test Lead

This is the best experience I have ever had with any of my previous agencies. All staff have been great with excellent service.


Raewynn - Certifier

Whizdom is always responsive to any queries or concerns I may have.


Michael - Leidos

Whizdom have been absolutely fantastic, providing us with highly skilled and driven resources. The team have been flexible and quick to respond to unusual staffing requests and have an exceptional take on follow up management care. I often recommend Whizdom to people either looking for work or business leaders looking for help with resourcing.


John McCluskey - Whizdom Managing Director & Founder

The culture here at Whizdom involves everyone working together to achieve common goals in a collaborative and not a compete culture, while maintaining a good work life balance


Natalie Angus - Whizdom Operation Manager

I feel very lucky to work for a Canberra-based company that allows me the freedom to work from my home in Goulburn. By being connected with colleagues and clients through video chats and instant messaging, I'm able to get right into the problem-solving and spur-of the-moment collaborative parts of the job with everyone while still enjoying a relatively small-town country setting. It’s a great work-life balance


Kelly Shockley - Whizdom Account Manager

Whizdom provides me with the perfect work/life balance. Having the opportunity to work remotely and from home allows me to never miss an important event for my children/family and I get to work with an awesome group of people