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Melissa Mula

Melissa Mula

Business and Client Manager, ACT

Whizdom role

Melissa Mula is the Business and Client Manager at Whizdom, where she is responsible for supporting Business Development initiatives and maintaining a positive client experience. Melissa's exceptional ability to comprehend and address the needs of her clients, coupled with her warmth and genuine concern for their wellbeing and that of contractors, makes her an invaluable asset to the team.


Prior to joining Whizdom, Melissa worked across a diverse range of industries: in Human Resources, Project Management, Customer Service, and Hospitality. Her dynamic skillset and expertise have equipped her with the ability to identify and deliver solutions that effectively address the unique needs of our clients.


Why Whizdom

Melissa wanted to work at Whizdom after meeting with John, the Managing Director and noticing that his genuineness and authenticity flows into the company culture. Whizdom's commitment to flexibility and teamwork empowers Melissa to work towards both her personal and professional goals without having to choose between them.


Social and Wellbeing

When Melissa is not working, she loves to spend time with her family, hang out with friends, indulge her interest in baking, and experiment with fresh, new recipes.

Melissa Mula