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New Year, new career?

Posted on 6th January 2023 by Erin Deacon

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​Is a new job on your list of new year’s resolutions in 2023?

Recent research from Compare the Market indicated that 12.6% of surveyed Australians are hoping to get a new job in the new year, so you're not alone. Changing careers can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. Reflecting on what you want and need out of your career is a great way to start making changes towards fulfilling your new year’s resolution.  

Have you been feeling unfulfilled in your current job? Do you find yourself wanting more challenges or opportunities? Are you looking for a career that better aligns with your values or goals? Do you want to explore a different field or industry? Do you want to start over because you feel stuck? When thinking about changing jobs or careers, these are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Acknowledging persistent feelings of job dissatisfaction is important because it can motivate you to act and implement a positive change for yourself. Additionally, assessing your current work environment can help you determine if you can make changes within your current role or whether it’s time to leave your organisation in pursuit of a new role or career.  

Consider your values and compare them to your company or career path. Do these values align? Taking time to research careers can help you determine if a specific career is a good fit for you and your future needs. Ask yourself; what are you passionate about and how that can translate into a fulfilling profession? Talking to a Recruiter or Career Management expert can help you gain clarity on what it is that you are looking for in a job or career. After assessing your options, you may leave feeling confident that you made the right decision for your career.  

Making a LinkedIn profile can help you expand your network and introduce you to new opportunities. Keeping an active LinkedIn profile can assist you in researching potential employers, increasing your networking chances, and enable you to approach industry professionals to ask questions. When you are confident in your knowledge and skills as a candidate, you can start applying for roles and reaching out to Recruiters to help you find your new job.  

Ultimately, it's important to remember; work should be a source of satisfaction, not misery. Taking that initial step to changing your career can be intimidating. However, with the right mindset, support network and commitment to change, you can fulfill your new years resolution.